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About Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothes are not new – I know, I know, stating the obvious there (but sometimes it just needs to be reiterated!). They have almost always been worn before. Occasionally we get some pieces of vintage deadstock which means they were shop stock that never sold and is therefore technically ‘new’, just really old new. Everything from this store has been washed and dried before being sent your merry way. I want to make sure that you can wash these clothes too (because let’s face it, children are not the cleanliest of folk) and so they must pass at least the delicate cycle of the washing machine to be listed here. Anything that felted, disintegrated or remained stained has been passed on or added to my permanent ‘for patterns’ collection. 
The utmost is done to list the faults, marks, idiosyncrasies or potential issues with a garment in the items descriptions but occasionally something slips through the cracks. There are huge perks to purchasing vintage clothing – soft, worn-in denim is a big one, owning something completely unique is another – and there are sometimes risks. Perfection rarely exists in vintage wear and the little quirks are part and parcel of purchasing something one-of-a-kind. Please pay close attention to measurements when provided as they give a more accurate representation of sizing than a tag size might. All measurements are taken while the garment is flat. 
We do our best to list accurate photographs and descriptions for the items in our store and for that reason returns are not accepted.